Monday, July 28, 2008

Give me Five Monday

So I was sitting here thinking about what I could blog about today. I could blog about the fact that I have to eat Skittles in a certain order (green, purple, yellow, orange, red) or
that I am stuck on the Twilight Saga books (I just finished all 3 books in less than a week or that I can't wait for the 4th book to come out! Aug 2nd.)
or that my c-section incision is almost completely healed! (YEAH it only took almost four months. I still have one part that is still open but it's getting shallower - is that a word?)
But I didn't figure any of that was really blog worthy and I didn't have too much more that was even worth mentioning.
Oh Wait - I did go to a breasfeeeding clinic today and they said we are doing great. Will is now 12lbs .09oz and Ellie is now 9lbs.09oz. So things are looking good in that regard.
But I found this blog Give Me Five Monday today. Each week, she will put out a random topic from a list of topics and the readers share 5 answers of their choice on the given topic and link back to her. I thought it might be fun so here goes....
Today's topic
Give Me Five fun summer vacation memories from your childhood.
1. Ferrell's - We were all swimming in our doughboy pool and my parents called out for us to come inside because they were taking us to Ferrell's!
2. Family Reunion - Every year we would go to a huge family reunion. It was with my dad's side of the family and there would be about 150 people there. I used to love going and hanging out with all of my extended family.
3. Girls Camp - When I turned tweleve I was allowed to go to Girl's Camp with our church. It was from Tuesday through Saturday and I loved it. I would get homesick at night but it was so much fun. We would do crafts and sing songs and go to classes and build friendships and our testimonies. I always hated coming back to the 'real world'
4. Birthday Parties - My sister Amanda and I have birthday's that are 3 days apart so we always shared a birthday party. We would have friends over for a sleep over and play games and eat cake.
5. Sleeping on the trampoline - During the summer we were allowed to sleep on the trampoline in the back yard. We learned quickly that you had to make sure that there were blankets underneath you as well as on top of you or else you would freeze. Sometimes I'm tempted to sleep on it now (except it's broken and I'd be sleeping in the dirt and I'm WAY to old for that) But I wouldn't mind spending the night on the trampoline again.

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