Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My birthday and other stuff

My birthday was very nice. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
For my birthday I got a print from my brother Travis. It is an original piece from Travis. (You can see his artwork here: beanleaf) I've been wanting this one since the first time I saw it.
From Jim I got a basketball hoop, a soccer game, a solar powered fan hat, a squirt gun and a candy dispenser. (I have to explain all of this. Last week Jim called and said "I haven't bought you anything for your birthday yet." I said (totally joking) "You're kidding me.You are at gas stations everyday and you haven't bought me anything?!" He said "You are so dead! This is going to be AWESOME!" He had so much fun and Ben is enjoying all of his presents lol)
He also got me tickets to Wicked. He gave me tickets for Mother's day and I got to go with my sister Amanda and my Mom. It was AWESOME!! I highly reccomend it if you have the chance. I've always loved the Wicked Witch. She was my favorite character in the Wizard of Oz. This time I get to go with Jim. My Mom and Dad are watching all the babies and we get to go by ourselves!!I'm going to have to nurse them right before we leave then pump on the way and on the way home (The drive there is about an hour and a half. Since they nurse every two hours I have to pump on the way there and home so I don't explode lol)
I got a wrap today! This is the one I got: The Ultimate Baby Wrap Will loves it. He snuggles in and goes right to sleep. The best part is I can use it  as a forward facing (like the picture), facing out, sling, on the side and on the back. So far we've tried forward facing - Loved it, facing out - Didn't care for as much but I think as he gets better head control he'll like it better, and sling - Loved it. Ellie didn't care for forward facing as much but she doesn't like to be swaddled either. She's more willing to just lay on the floor and play than Will is also. I think as I get better with it she will like it more too. I even put Ben in it today. He got a kick out of it. I will have to post pictures when I can get them off my Dad's camera.
Will is doing alot better with the reflux. There are still times that I can tell he is hurting but overall he is much better. They are sleeping better too. He fell asleep tonight (in the sling) at 7:10 and he hasn't woken up yet (it's 10:00) Ellie went to sleep at 9:00. (I'm still working on getting her down earlier but it's not very successful. Will will usually wake up once around 12:30 - 2:00 and then again between 4:00 - 5:00 I can handle that. I should probably go to bed before they wake up so I get a little sleep.

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