Monday, August 18, 2008

Ears, Throat, Thighs and Poop

How's that for a catchy title. It draws you right in doesn't it? Makes you wonder how they all connect. Well let me tell you...

We'll start with the poop, just because. Ben seems to have decided to potty train himself. We tried for a little while but he didn't seem interested and I got overwhelmed with the thought of potty training him and dealing with the twins. On Friday he told him he was poopy so I laid him down to change his diaper. I opened his diaper and he was clean. I said "Do you want to go potty on the toilet?" He said "yep" so he jumped up and ran down the hall buck naked (is it buck naked or butt naked? Butt naked makes more sense to me since his butt was in fact naked but I believe buck naked is the proper - if either way is really "proper" - way to say it.) He climbed up on the potty and actually pooped! Then Saturday he did it again 3 times. Sunday was the same thing (even twice at church) and today he's gone on the potty 3 more times. I haven't had to change a size 4 poopy diaper in 4 days! (I have had to change many newborn and size one diapers). Peeing on the potty is another story so we are still in diapers (sometimes pullups) but we are definately on our way!!

Next we'll go to the thighs. That is where the babies got their 4 month old vaccinations :( Two shots each. Good news Will is now 13 lbs 5oz and 24 inches long. He is in the 25% now! Will is definately my little chunky boy :) Ellie is 10lbs 9oz!!! and 22 inches long. She is still in the 5% but she's finally in double digits!! They have both over doubled their birth weights!

On to the throat. The Zantac hasn't seem to be working as well as it used to. Will has been pretty grumpy lately. He was on .7ml 2x a day. I talked to the doctor today and we are upping it to .9ml 2x a day. Hopefully that will help. He's still a million times better than he was before we started the Zantac.

Last up is the ears. Ellie has been screaming a lot lately (well since Friday) I thought maybe she was either developing reflux like Will (she has always spit up alot) or maybe she was getting sick. At the doctors today they took her temp and it was 99 under her arm (Which from what I've read is the least accurate way to take a temperature but that's neither here nor there) He looked in her right ear and it was perfect but when he tried to look in her left she screamed at him. I held her and he looked again. He said her ear looks a little "fussy" but he can't say 100% if it's the beginning of an ear infection or the end. He doesn't want to medicate her unnecessarily so if she's still in pain tomorrow or the next day then I'm to bring her back and just take her back to the back. I don't even have to check in he will just see her and check her ear again. Right now I'm rotating between Tylenol and Motrin. (partially for the ear infection and partially for the shots) I do love my Ped because he doesn't just automatically medicate them at every little cough or sneeze. Also if he doesn't put them on medication he will usually tell me to just bring them back in a day or so if they are still acting like they are in pain and he will see them without a copay. Which is awesome especially with three kids.

I hate having sick kids. I'm hoping she will feel better tomorrow but I have a feeling I will be in the doctor's office tomorrow or the next day.

Also, On Sunday (Aug 24th) we are having the twins blessed (It's like a christening. They give the baby a name and a blessing on the records of the church) It will be at my parents house (so if you live in the area you are more than welcome to attend. It will be at 1:00 or so. drop me an email and I will give you directions if you don't already have them. You don't have to be Mormon to come.) But I found the most beautiful blessing dress that I wanted to buy.
But it was $149.00 I couldn't justify it. So we found some lace at JoAnn's that is gorgeous and my mom made one. She is almost finished with it and I will post pictures of it. It only cost us $70 (still outrageous but oh well) It is so beautiful and I can't wait to put Ellie in it.

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