Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We kept saying "this year we are going to buy our Halloween costumes early" So here we are two days until Halloween and guess what we did tonight. We went Halloween shopping.Good intentions...

We went shopping last night at the local Halloween store and came up with almost nothing. Of course if I wanted to be a slutty - just about anything. I could have found an outfit. or if we wanted to pay upwards of $30 for a cheap costume for EACH of the kids we could have found a crappy costume. Neither of these sounded like good options. I was able to find a wicked witch costume for me. YEA!! But nothing for anyone else. (I did get a skirt for Ellie but it has little bats on the bottom and I'm afraid that she will eat them. So maybe next year)

So tonight we went to Target to find costumes. Ben wanted to be either a motorcycle(? How the heck do you do a motorcycle costume?) or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Good luck on that one too) Of course couldn't find either of those so Ben is going to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. (not because we are Nascar fans. But Ben loves race car drivers and Dale Earnhardt Jr drives the AMP car (AMP is a Pepsi product)

Will is going to be a bat. It's a really cute costume. It's so soft! It's orange and black. The only thing I don't really care for is the fact that its a sack. (It's 71 right now at 10:35pm. I'm not real worried about him being too cold.)

Jim is going to be Richard Gene Simmons. He's going to be Richard Simmons with Kiss makeup. We found him some SHORT work out shorts and a pink tank top. He's going to pick up an afro tomorrow. (We couldn't find one at Target)

Ellie is going to be a Witch. I found the cutest witch costume. It's a black dress with orange pumpkins on it. It has a green ribbon that laces up the front and a green bow. It's adorable. It fits Ellie perfectly. The only sad part is - it's a dog costume. But it's so cute and she looks adorable in it!  You tell me - Can you tell it's a dog costume?
I'm going to put her in black tights and see if I can't find a black diaper cover.
I will post pictures of everyone in their costumes as soon as I can get one.


lovezach6 said...

Omg Mel I just posted to the picture on the 365 page aabout the witch custome. Isnt it the cutest ever :) my new little puppy is being it too and it doesnt look like a doggie custome at all. That is why I bought it. I cant wait to see them all in it. I must agree the witch custome ist he cutest ever.

karen said...

She looks cuter than any dog would be in that costume. She's a cute little girl Mel.