Saturday, October 11, 2008

My favorite websites

I don't really have alot to post about lately.I have a doctor's appointment for the babies on Monday. They are 6 months now! I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. I''m going to do a milestone/update post after the appointment (once I find out how much they weigh and how they're doing)

Since I don't have a lot to say I'm going to share my favorite websites. (Not my favorite blogs since there are too many to list. BTW If your name isn't on my blog list and you visit my blog regularly let me know so I can add you!) So here they are (in no particular order):

Kellymom - great information for breastfeeding support
Snopes - Check out all urban legends here! (Before I forward any email I check here first to see if its true or not)
Redfin - great place to check out real estate listings
The Toy Maker - lots of fun paper toys
Who called us - You can check out who those annoying 800 numbers are. I always check out unknown numbers before I answer them.
Haunted Paper Toys - These are AMAZING toys made out of paper. Perfect for Halloween.
Coloring pages - Great pages to print for the kids to color
Coloring Book - More great pages to print and color (They have a lot of coloring pages from our old cartoons!)
Ask Dr. Sears - Information on medication doses for kids and tons of other children-rearing questions answered.
TwinStuff - Message board for moms and dads of twins, triplets and more
TwinsTalk - another board for twin parents
Oriental Trading Company - Inexpensive party supplies
HTML help - help with HTML formatting
I know there are more

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Chelsea said...

hey thanks for the html link! it's on my goals list to learn html. now i can skip the classroom and get started on it.