Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just random pictures

I figured I haven't done a random picture post in awhile. (and if I have oh well here's another one) :)

Daddy and Ben
Will (how can you resist this smile?)
Will's smile again
Ellie sleeping today
Ellie (I can't believe how big Ellie looks here)


Chelsea said...

we have the same pjs as will is wearing. for whatever reason it's always a little startling to see "your" clothes on someone else.

will's smile is cute, but look at those blue, blue eyes! that's what gets me.

Melody said...

I have the same reaction when I see someone else with "our" stuff lol. Another twin mom blogger has the same blankets we do. (and alot of the same clothes since we both have b/g twins)

I do love his eyes. I really think he's never going to hurt for a date when he grows up lol