Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day One Complete

Jim is in San Fransisco with my brothers Travis and Richie. Travis is an "Exibitor" at the WonderCon2009. Jim and Richie went to help him out. This is the first time since the babies were born that we've been apart overnight. They left this morning and will be gone until Sunday.
Jim has been on vacation this week which has been wonderful. It's been really nice having him home. It's been great having him around so much to help with the kids. Ben has loved having his Daddy home. The only problem is now he's gone for 4 days. So we went from having him home all the time to gone.

I sure do miss him. (Don't tell him but it gets pretty boring around here without that crazy guy.) I don't know what I'd do without him.

We survived the first day. Only 3 days to go. The days are pretty easy to get through since he's normally at work anyway. It's the night that is hard. I get bored, lonely and I tend to suffer from panic attacks. I'm hoping the next 3 nights go by really quickly.

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Hajar said...

I looovvveee your new header pic!
I hope you can find things to keep yourself occupied until thine prince returneth. :)