Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheap Labor

I was watching Clean House: Search for the Messiest house in the Country today. It helped to inspire/remind me to clean my bathroom. Ben decided he wanted to help. 

The twins were sleeping and I put my gloves on to get to work. Ben had to have his own pair. I knew the big yellow ones wouldn't fit him at all but I remembered I have medical ones (from when my c-section incision wasn't healing) so I let him wear a pair of those. 

He did a pretty good job. He cleaned the bathroom sink and counter. Then I cleaned the mirror and toilet. (I wouldn't let him help with that) He wanted to clean the bathtub too but I wouldn't let him - The babies were going to be awake soon. So He climbed into the bathtub and "cleaned" it with his paper towel. Then he turned the bath water on and started sliding all over the bathroom. 

At that point cleaning was done.

He's trying to do "thumbs up" here but can't because of the glove lol

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Abby Hanson said...

I just started letting the girls help clean the bathroom. I have a great book by "The Queen of Clean", Linda Cobb, and she has so many great cleaners -- I let the girls use three different versions of vinegar/water mixes and don't even worry about gloves! And when I get to the grout on my tile floors, they'll be able to help with that too. (Baking soda & water)