Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation part 1 - Camping

I know I've been so horrible about blogging. Coming up, I've got 3 blogs about our vacation, and a couple more about the kids and their achievements. So here is part 1 of our vacation.

We went camping to Bear Creek, UT with my whole family. (Well almost my whole family. We were missing my sister Tarena who had to go and have a baby a couple days before the campout.  - I have a new nephew!! Her husband Dan came up with their 3 other kids) 
Ben "packed" for himself. He packed sunscreen

A change of underwear (so if he had an accident)

A change of pants for the same reason
and "60" cars. He kept telling me it was 60 cars but I never counted. LOL

It really was a lot of fun even though it POURED off and on the first day. The first night was HORRIBLE. Imagine being in a tent in the pouring rain, 37 degrees with three freezing kids all on a queen sized air mattress. The babies screamed off and on all night long. We got no sleep because even when they feel asleep we were freezing to the point of shivering. Each kid was wearing two pairs of footy pajamas and they were in bed with us. It SUCKED. At 3 am my dad came over and got both babies and drove them around for two hours so we could get some sleep. (have I mentioned I love my daddy?) It was such a hard night. 
Day two was so much better. We went for a walk down to the lake. This is Ben and his cousin Jane. They have so much fun together. They are like brother and sister.
 We took a family picture with everyone that was there. 
Then my parents took one with just the grandkids
 This is all the grandkids except for Nytis. My parents have 18 grandkids now. The oldest is 13 and the youngest is less than a month. 

The second night we stayed in a cabin. We were traumatized by the first night. This is Will trying to find out what's in the sink. He found out later that it was a freezing cold bath and WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. (The cabin didn't have hot water so we heated water on the stove but it didn't stay warm for long. The baths were so cold and all three kids screamed through them)

Ellie exploring the cabin.

More random camping pictures

Our family

Ben, Jane and Grace (They were bug hunting)
I have more camping pictures but they won't load. GRRR
Next up Part 2 The Utah Trip!



Cocoroo said...

Hmmm I am thinking that if you were at Bear Creek, then you were at a different campground than the rest of us who were at Fish Lake, Utah. hahahahaha Great pictures where ever you were. LOL

Screwed Up Texan said...

Looks beautiful...but yes I feel your pain of camping in a tent in the cold with three small children. Not fun at all!