Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Getting Healthy

About a month ago Jim told me he has been having chest pains. He said one night it woke him up in the middle of the night and it felt like someone was sitting on his chest. Understandably I freaked out. We got him an appointment with our PP to see what she had to say.
He went for his appointment and his blood pressure was 145/110 (Normal is 120/80) Needless to say they were worried too. They did a resting EKG and the results came back normal but she wanted him to go to a cardiologist anyway.
He kind of put off calling the cardiologist. Until he talked to his dad one Saturday (who had a heart attack at 57) his dad told him that His dad (Jim's Grandpa) died of a heart attack at 54 and both of his grandparents on Jim's mom's side died of heart attacks. His dad said "You are calling the cardiologist on Monday" So Jim did (thank you Dad!) They got him right in that same week.
The doctor said he had a textbook cast of CAD. He scheduled Jim for a Stress Test and told him if that came back abnormal they would do an angiogram. Of course at this point I freak out even more. The doctor told Jim to take one aspirin a day and put him on two blood pressure medications. On top of that he has to cut out all energy drinks, caffeine and limit himself to one drink a day.
They did the Stress test last week and thankfully everything came back normal. His blood pressure is closer to the normal range now as well. He has to go back to the cardiologist in three months to recheck everything.
He also got the results of his cholesterol test. His LDL which is supposed to be between 70-100 was 140 so he's on cholesterol meds now too.
Needless to say we've been forced decided to make some lifestyle changes. We've both joined Weight Watchers and are working on losing weight and eating better.

If you've been following me for a while you will know I did WW 3 years ago My abandoned WW blog and was very successful at it. From my highest weight (the day I delivered the twins) at 282, I was able to drop 101 lbs. My lowest weight was 181 in Oct of 2009. Unfortunately I didn't go into it with exactly the correct frame of mind. I kept telling myself when I got down to my goal weight I'd be able to eat whatever I wanted again. WRONG!!! I needed to actually make a lifestyle change and change the way I looked at food completely. Not "until I got to my goal weight" My goal weight was around 170 I believe so I got close but I plateaued and instead of kicking it into high gear I started slacking. Then I just couldn't get myself back into it. I weighed in on Monday at 220.6lbs.(OMG!! How did that happen? Nevermind, I know how it happened)

We've been faithfully doing WW for two days now (Hey, it's something) and as of this morning I'm down to 219.0! Doesn't sound like much but I'm excited - it's 1 1/2 lbs in two days. Jim's going to pick up a treadmill tonight so we both can start doing that.

Here's to getting healthy and fit!!!

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