Friday, November 02, 2012


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. (I even decorate my BATHROOM lol) I couldn't skip doing a Halloween post. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but I am working on it. Here is Ben carving his pumpkin. 

Ellie was content to watch. She thought scooping out the pumpkin guts was "disgusting"

 Will was having fun running around the driveway. 

 The closest thing I got to a picture of all of them. 
My ninja checking out his jack o lantern. He said "Mom I don't want to get to close to it because my costume says its flammable." Safety first! :)
Here are my trick or treaters. :) We had a ninja, an Angry Bird and Captain America. (She was Captain America last year as well. But we had to break down and buy her a new costume because her old one was ripped.) I also had to go to three different stores for the Angry Bird costume and after I finally found it and bought it our friend told me he found it at Baby's R Us for 40% off. GRRRR!!! Oh Well. Will Loved it. Once Halloween was over I throw all the costumes into their costume box and they get to play with them all year. It makes it worth the money in my book. 

Happy Halloween!!!

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Unknown said...

I love the pumpkin carving and the beautiful jack 0'lanterns. I especially love my Ninja, Angry Bird and Captain America. I am glad to see you posting again on your blogs. :o)