Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moving Part 7 - Our House

This is our house. I love this house so much. I am also amazed at the size of the house compared to our Moreno Valley house. This home with the basement included is 4100 sq ft. That is almost 3 times the house we had in Moreno Valley. For just about the same price we sold that house for. 

This is looking in the front door
The formal dining room
Formal dining room
Formal living room (we use it as our office for now)
 The kitchen. (Yes that is Jim and our realtor sitting on the counters lol) 
See we already felt like we were home.
Guest Bedroom on the main floor
 Family room from the eat in kitchen
 Family Room
Looking into the Formal living room from the family room

Master Bed room
 Master Bathroom
Kids Bedroom (Ben and Will's)
 Kids Bedroom 
(Ellie's - she didn't want us to take down any of the Georgia Bulldog stuff)

Playroom nook
 Playroom from the nook looking out
Basement Guest Room
 One of the storage rooms in the basement
Backyard (only brown because it was still winter)

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