Monday, June 30, 2008

Life with Twins and a Two Year Old

My three babies

I'm going to try to keep this updated but I'm not making any promises. My hands have been really full lately. Go figure.

This is what a day looks like in our house

6:10 both babies awake

6:19 -6:30 feed both

6:30 both asleep

7:20 - both awake

7:30 - Ben awake

7:27 - 7:34 feed both

7:30 - Ellie asleep

7:45 - Will asleep

8:00 - get Ben breakfast

9:51 - Ellie awake

9:56 - 10:07 - Feed Ellie

10:00 - Ben snack

10:05 - Will awake

10:08 - 10:15 - Feed Will

10:36 - 10:47 - Feed Will

10:47 - Will asleep

12:00 - Ben Lunch

1:14 - Both awake

1:28 - 1:46 feed both

1:59 - 2:04 feed Will

2:15 - Ben Snack

2:45 - Ellie asleep

3:00 - 3:14 Feed Will

3:35 - Ellie awake

4:00 - Will asleep

4:37 - Will awake

4:34 - 4:41 feed both (will started at 4:38)

5:00 - Jim home - Jim makes dinner

5:00 - give both babies a bottle

5:30 - Ellie asleep

5:47 - Will asleep

6:00 - both awake

6:10 - take everyone outside to play/visit with Grandma and grandpa

7:00 - bathe both (They gets baths on Sun, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Ben gets one on Mon, Wed, Sat. Jim gives Ben his baths and I bathe the babies with my mom's help. They all can get baths on other nights too if needed.)

7:11 -7:21 - feed Will

7:24 - 7:46 - feed Ellie

8:00 - take both babies for a walk

8:30 - Jim puts Ben to bed

8:45 - both babies asleep

9:15 - both awake

9:42 - 9:48 feed both

9:50 - give both babies a bottle

10:19 - both babies asleep

10:30 - Jim and I go to bed

1:26 - both babies awake - actually Will wakes up and then I wake Ellie (if not I'm up even more)

1:40 - 1:47 feed both

2:05 - both asleep

3:30 - both awake

3:32 - 3:45 feed both

3:45 both asleep

then it starts over at 6:00

The twins are growing so big! They were born at 35 weeks 6 days. Will started out at 5lbs 2oz and Ellie was 4lbs 10oz. Two months later Will is 9lbs 9oz and Ellie is 7lbs 14oz. It's amazing to see the size difference in the two babies. Will is HUGE compared to Ellie.

This is just home from the hospital

And this is at two months.

In the two months they have been alive we have gone through 1184 diapers between the two of them (actually more than that because I've been keeping track but I'm missing 2 1/2 days of information) This doesn't include diapers for Ben. We really need to buy stock in Huggies.

We are getting the hang of breastfeeding. Wow it's alot harder than breastfeeding just one. Will fights it sometimes. I asked the pediatrition if he thought it was reflux but he said no he thought Will was just being lazy. We have been supplementing with 2 oz of formula after every feeding since they were born. Will stopped nursing as long and just wanted a bottle. I'm trying to completely cut out the bottles. There are times that they will nurse for 20 minutes but more often than not they only nurse for >10 minutes. I was really worried about it but they are having the appropriate amount of diapers per day (they have on average 8 diapers in 24 hours) and they are gaining weight well. I'm trying to not worry.

I've come to the conclusion that you need one more arm than the number of children that you have. So I need 4 arms now. Ben is having a rough time at times. He has a hard time when Mommy is holding both babies. He says "Mommy you want to hold 3 babies?" and then he will try to climb on my lap too. I'm really trying hard to give him a lot of attention as well.

It's a lot harder than I imagined to raise 3 kids. I knew it would be hard but I really don't feel like I have any time to myself. Like right now - I really should be - making my bed, doing the laundry, doing the dishes, doing the bills, etc. But I'm slacking on all of that to start this blog. One more thing I've just added to my plate - silly me. I must be asking for punishment.

Well I'm going to actually go start some of the things I need to get done before one of the babies wake up. Wish me luck!

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Erica said...

I so loved reading your blog and will be reading as you update. Mel I soo love you and I am happy to have you in my life. God has weird ways of bringing people together but I am glad to know we got to meet. Give all 3 babies hugs and kisses from me. Also don't feel gulity for writing a blog if it helps you get free time. Love ya Erica