Friday, July 11, 2008

99 confessions

I got this "99 Things" idea from Chelsea. The idea is to share 99 things about yourself.

  1. I desperately want to be cool. I am no where near it but I would love to be cool.
  2. I tell white lies to Ben.
  3. Ben sometimes eats graham crackers for breakfast.
  4. Sometimes I miss my childfree life although I would never want to go back to it.
  5. I don't mind waking up to nurse the first or second time at night. After that I get irritated.
  6. I don't always change Ben's diapers as often as I should.
  7. I love to eat plain white bread and could probably eat a whole loaf in one sitting.
  8. I will quickly change the channel if Max and Ruby or the Wonderpets are on so Ben can't watch them.
  9. I swear more often than I should.
  10. I love spending time with my immediate family and my in laws.
  11. I love it when Ben climbs into bed with us at night.
  12. I am painfully shy.
  13. I need to be more patient with my children.
  14. I am addicted to blogging - mine and other peoples.
  15. I am afraid of the dark.
  16. I am addicted to peanut butter M&M's
  17. My two favorite things to drink are Ice water and Rasberry Lemonade. The ice water can't be tap water.
  18. I used to hide in hopes someone would notice I was gone and come find me. Most of the time no one did.
  19. I hate tap water. I am a water snob.
  20. I love to make Jim laugh.
  21. I love to cuddle with Ben.
  22. Sometimes I worry Ben is going to be a bully.
  23. I don't feel old enough to be a mom of 3.
  24. I love to sing in the car.
  25. I am horribly self-concious.
  26. I hate public speaking.
  27. I am scared of movie theater bathrooms (or any empty bathroom that has rows of stalls)
  28. I am afraid I'm going to screw up my children.
  29. I hate being dependant on other people.
  30. I hate crying in front of other people. So much so that even Jim has only seen me cry a handful of times.
  31. I love thunderstorms.
  32. I am obsessed with my children's clothing coordinating.
  33. I hate snotty noses.
  34. I hate it when my children look unkept and I won't take them into public without them being dressed (including shoes - yes, even the babies)
  35. I love to read true crime stories
  36. I am scared to death of anything happening to my children, Jim or my family.
  37. I have an overactive imagination.
  38. I hate the way I look.
  39. I think I used to be gorgeous but not anymore.
  40. In a weird way I'm grateful that my tubes are tied.
  41. I love the punk rock look.
  42. I love tattoos.
  43. I would love to get another tattoo.
  44. I have a hard time trusting people.
  45. I rarely like to be touched.
  46. I have almost dropped two of my children because I fell asleep while nursing them.
  47. I have forgotten to buckle Ben into his carseat three times in his life.
  48. I let Ben sleep on his tummy from 2 months on.
  49. I would love to be a midwife but I'm too scared to take the first step.
  50. I am so scared of failure that I would rather not try something than fail at it.
  51. I am on the computer too much.
  52. I don't shower everyday.
  53. I love to kiss my babies cheeks.
  54. I believe in fate.
  55. I believe in ghosts.
  56. I love popping pimples.
  57. I have a hard time not popping the baby acne on my babies faces.
  58. I like the attention I get when I am pregnant.
  59. I like the attention I get when I am out with Ben and my twins.
  60. I have no fashion sense
  61. I love to sleep.
  62. I am afraid of the ocean.
  63. I could spend the whole day cuddling all of my babies.
  64. I 'm afraid people think I'm a bad mom.
  65. I hate it when people try to discipline my children in front of me.
  66. I love that Ben is advanced.
  67. I am a horrible cook
  68. I would love to be a better cook.
  69. I want to learn to sew.
  70. 7 is my favorite number.
  71. Pink and black are my favorite colors.
  72. I will always be "Daddy's Girl"
  73. I am lazy and I hate it.
  74. I don't have much self control or will power.
  75. I weigh more than anyone in my whole family.
  76. I am a hopeless romantic.
  77. love to do nice things for other people - even strangers.
  78. I think people are generally good.
  79. I don't like dealing with people.
  80. I love to work on computers.
  81. I love books of useless information and random facts.
  82. I would love to live outside of California but I don't want to be away from my extended family.
  83. I love to make Ben laugh.
  84. I love to make Will and Ellie smile.
  85. I love Will's pouty face. I think it is adorable.
  86. I am too concerned about what other people think.
  87. I hate that I will sacrifice my happiness to make other people happy.
  88. I love platform shoes.
  89. I love being pregnant.
  90. I am really sad that I will never have a VBAC.
  91. I love to keep my bedroom freezing cold and use lots of blankets.
  92. I think I have carpal tunnel.
  93. I love taking road trips with Jim.
  94. I think I have the cutest kids ever.
  95. I hate that other people's lack of attention bothers me.
  96. I tend to think that people don't like me and just put up with me.
  97. I hate it when people are mean to each other.
  98. Even though it gets horrible gas mileage - I love my Durango.
  99. This was ALOT harder than I thought it would be.

Now it's your turn! Try it - It really is hard.

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Chelsea said...

nice job!! the 99 confessions as a mother WAS hard. the one i did for "99 things you may not know about me" was easier. i guess i love to talk about myself. ha ha.

ps. i'd love a durango...