Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eating and Sleeping

Things are going really well . Most nights are pretty good with sleeping. The babies go to bed about 9:30 -10:00 and don't wake up until 1:30 -2:00. The second half of the night is a little rougher. Actually they sleep until 4:30 or so then they are up at least every hour until 7:30 or 8:00 when they go down for a nap. (I say "they" but I really mean Will) Ellie will sleep almost all night. I wake her up at the one o'clock feeding and the 4:30 one but let her sleep for the rest. She barely nurses at the 4:30 one but I'm still too nervous to not wake her up. I'm not nervous about her starving (I know she won't) I'm nervous that as soon as I put Will back in the crib Ellie will wake up and want to nurse or even worse she will wake up a half hour after I put Will down. I'm contemplating trying to let her sleep through the 4:30 one tonight. Wish me luck.

During the day is kinda hit and miss. If I can get them to sleep in their beds they will usually sleep for a little longer than they do in the living room but not always. Will still prefers to be held even while sleeping which is so sweet but so hard to accomplish anything. So we're still working on daytime sleep.

Nursing is going well. We have pretty much cut out all formula. Some days they get 2 ounces but not usually. They are beginning to nurse longer but still have quite a few times where they nurse for 10 minutes or less. I am no longer stressing over it and I figure if they are still having a ton of diaper changes and growing we are doing good.

Ellie Smiling

Will Smiling (this is the first picture I've ever gotten of him smiling)

And Ben Sleeping (He was watching TV and I looked over to find him sleeping like this)


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute!! I love that one of Will smiling! It sounds like you are getting things figured out with the sleeping and nursing thing too. Hi wonder woman! I also loved your 99 things post....except it made me miss you even more!!!

Chelsea said...

CUTE smiles. don't you just live for those? the best is the giggles. jack is very ticklish, so we get to hear lots of giggles.