Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pet Peeve

Poor Will has been so cranky lately. Last night he SCREAMED for 2 hours. Not crying, not fussing, SCREAMING. I think it was either something I ate or the poor kid was constipated. The reason I think it could have been something I ate - I was pretty hooked on Peanut Butter M&M's for awhile. Really hooked on them. I would eat a bag of them in about a day and a half. I didn't eat them for a day or two and then got another bag of them yesterday. Then last night was horrible. Coinsidence? Maybe. The reason I think it could have been constipation - When he woke up in the middle of the night to nurse he had a HUGE poopy diaper. Then this morning he had another one and after those he was in a pretty good mood. Unfortunately he was horribly cranky tonight too.

Will is a pretty high needs baby. He tends to be pretty cranky alot of the time. I know its just because something is wrong. He doesn't have a lot of range of moods. He's getting happier but he's crankier more often than not.

Ellie on the other hand is a relatively happy baby. She will go to anyone and gives out smiles like candy. She has her cranky times as well but nothing like Will.

I feel bad for Will because everyone is always talking about how happy and sweet Ellie is and how cranky Will is. I wish people could see past his crankiness and see how cute and sweet he is too. He loves to cuddle and loves his mommy. I'm just afraid he's going to be labeled as the cranky high maintenance one his whole life. My poor sweet little guy. I can't wait until we are out of the colicky stage so he can feel better and other people can see his sweet happy side.

I love that little boy's smile :) He loves it when I tickle his feet. I will nibble on them and he will just smile BIG. It's so cute.


Abby Hanson said...

That gets to me too! I always think of them as "labels" like we're labeling our children or others. With the girls, I always try to think of it as a stage. Either there's something negative and it's just a stage, or there's something positive that may last but also may be a stage. So I'll deal with the negative and know it's just a stage, and I'll encourage the positive and hope it's more than a stage. ;) Of course, as baby's it's no like you have to encourage the cuteness and happiness. They just ARE that way unless they're not feeling well, huh?! :)

Anyway...did that make sense? I started to feel like I was just rambling...hope you got the idea...

In other words, I totally agree with you and I think Will is a cutie-patootie.


Allison said...

Don't worry - Adam was our cranky baby too. He really had a grumpy personality. But now he is a very sweet two year old and loves to give hugs, etc.! Now I feel sorry for Isabel sometimes because his grandparents and others seem to favor Adam. But I'm sure they'll take turns over the years.