Monday, July 14, 2008

I ♥ Monkey Toes

I have a special talent. I have been perfecting it for my entire life. I can pick things up with my toes. I can pick up almost anything with my toes. Its a wonderful talent to have especially if you are lazy like me. Turns out I have passed it on to Ben. We were in the car yesterday on the way home from the store Jim's brother's house (we didn't go to the store. We never go to the store on Sunday) Well I was in the front seat and Ben was in the third row of the Durango (we haven't been able to put all three kids in one row so poor Ben has to sit way in the back alone) He wanted his new puzzle this puzzle he's had his entire life(since we didn't just go to the store) I of course couldn't reach him (since *fat people have short arms) so I tossed the puzzle (which of was hard because of course it wasn't in the wrapper since he's had it his entire life) back to him but it didn't quite make it far enough. It was just out of reach. He kept wanting me to get it and hand it to him but I couldn't (again with the short arms) So what did my brilliant son do? He took off his flip flop and picked it up with his toes!!!! I love that kid. *when my nephew was about 5 one night he was on the top bunk of his bunk bed. I came in to give him a good night hug and kiss and I couldn't reach him. I told him to come closer so I could hug him and give him a kiss. He said "Fat people have short arms. Skinny people have long arms" I asked him "what kind of arms does Aunt Amanda have?" He said "She has long arms." Nice... ☺ So I'm working on stretching my arms lol (I think it will be easier...)


Abby Hanson said...

Yay for monkey toes! And yay for going to the store -- oops, I mean, brother's house on sunday!! :)

Just reading this made my day. I could hear you so clearly in it. I wish we lived closer!

Chelsea said...

LOL this whole post made me laugh. i also pick things up with my toes. :)