Friday, July 18, 2008

Before and After (and some pictures)

This is how Will was constantly before Zantac
This is Will now
He's not the happiest baby on the block but he's not screaming as much. He had an ok day today. This evening was kind of rough. He couldn't settle down into a deep sleep. He would fall asleep and then when I laid him down he'd wake right up. Hopefully he is down for the night (well at least until midnight or so.)

He's did like to lay by himself a little more today. In fact tonight he didn't want to be held at all he just wanted to lay on the couch.

I bought this wrap from ToysRus the other day. I'm just waiting for it to arrive and hopefully it will help free my hands up to get stuff done. I was annoyed because after I bought the wrap I realized that ToysRus sells the Mae Tai wrap. AAAAARRRGGGGHH. Maybe I will get one of those someday.


Here's some cute pictures I took of the kids today.

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Chelsea said...

their shirts are cute! i'll bet you wish you had a couple dozen of ben's shirt so you could advertise your fatigue everday in hopes people would give you a little more space and patience. hm. that sounds like a good idea to me...