Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hope, Hopefully

So today was yucky as well but last night was good. They slept from 10:00pm to 3:00 am. It was bliss. Will screamed for alot of the day today. poor baby. I made an appointment with the pediatrian for tomorrow. Hopefully he will be able to do something for my poor baby. I sat on the couch this after noon and just cried with both of them. (poor Ben was trying to watch "backnonigans" - Backyardigans. He was standing right in front of the tv with his hands over his ears) I have to do something to solve his problems.

I went to a La Leche League meeting tonight. It went really well. I talked to the leader of the group and she said she doesn't think they are starving. She told me she wants me to go to the breastfeeding clinic and they should be able to help me. It's on Monday morning so we are going to really try to get there. Everybody loved the babies. They did really good. Neither cried for very long. Will cried for a little while but he ate and went back to sleep. They have meetings every 3rd Wednesday so I think we may continue to go to them.

I really feel better tonight (even though today was really hard) Hopefully the Doctor can give us some ideas on how to help Will. I love that little guy so much and it's so hard for me to see him in pain.

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Chelsea said...

i'm glad the visit did you some good and hopefully the bf clinic and your dr can offer some more insight.

btw, "backnonigans" made me laugh. with a tivo, every day is a Pablo-fest at our house.