Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rough Day

Today was a really rough day. I had a doctor's appointment because my c-section incision still hasn't healed yet. I had to take all three kids with me. No big deal normally. I've done it before. Ben will sit in the front of the stroller, one of the babies will be in an infant carrier in the back of the stroller and the other baby I wear in a front carrier. Pretty easy. I've done this 3 times now. The babies usually sleep through the whole appointment and I just move the infant carrier from the stroller onto the couch in the exam room and then put the other baby laying down in the stroller. Not this time...

It started out easily enough - Ben sat in the front of the stroller. Will was in the infant carrier in the back of the stroller and Ellie was in the front carrier. Neither Ellie nor Will wanted to sleep. Ellie kept fussing in the front carrier and Will kept losing his pacifier. Ben kept dropping his coloring book while we were going up to the doctors office and in the waiting room. We finally get into the exam room. Ellie just wants to be held, Will can't keep his pacifier in and Ben wanted to lay on the exam table with me. Not fun! I laid on the table with Ellie on my left side and Ben laying on my right side. Then I would continually put Will pacifier in with my free(haha) hand. They had to take my blood pressure at the beginning of the appointment. They didn't tell me what it was but I'm guessing it was sky high.

We finally got home and Ellie was asleep. She slept from 11:30 all the way to 2:40. I didn't take her out of her car seat because I was afraid she'd wake up. Will wouldn't sleep for longer than 10 - 20 minutes. Our house was a mess so I was trying to clean it while taking care of Will and Ben. Will finally took a nap at 3:00 to 6:00 (which was awesome but by this time Ellie was awake) They are both asleep now and hopefully will sleep through until 1:30.

I found an awesome website. menus4moms I haven't had a chance to look through all links but I plan to look around it more tomorrow after swim lessons. Any tips for busy moms and organization are welcomed here! :)

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Chelsea said...

girl, how do you even have time to blog?!! maybe i'll stop at 2 kids... :)