Saturday, July 05, 2008

San Diego County Fair

Thanks to Jim's work we got tickets to go to the San Diego County Fair today. We left at 10:00 and all three kids slept in the car pretty much the whole way there. We had alot of fun. There was a kid area that had lots of little rides. Ben had a blast! First thing he did was ride on a jungle train with Jim.

(this was the first time Ben has been on any type of carnival/fair ride) There was a motorcycle ride next to the jungle train and Ben LOVES motorcycles so he wanted to go on that one. This one Jim couldn't go on with him so Ben had to go alone. He started out ok

But that changed very quickly

I just wanted to jump over the guard rail and save him. My baby was terrified and needed his mommy. Jim came to the rescue by asking if the attendant if he'd stop the ride and let Ben off. The guy said that was fine. We tried a safer ride next.

Still not too sure with it

But any ride that Jim went on with him was fine.

He played one of the carnival games. The object of the game was to throw one of the balls into a red cup to win a prize. The cups were floating in water. 90% of the cups were white. The woman running the game said it was 5 balls for $5. She initially gave Ben 10 balls and then she just kept refilling his basket. (She said he'd get a prize even if he didn't get one in the red cup.) But he did!! So he won a stuffed dog.

Then she told Jim if he played she would upgrade the dog to the bigger size even if Jim didn't win. Jim didn't win but Ben still got the bigger dog.

After that we went over and saw some birds. Ben was a little unsure about having them on his stroller.

Will and Ellie did great. They basically slept the whole time.

Ellie at the fair

And Will

Poor little Ellie Belly. She got a mild sunburn on her nose. I didn't think to put sunscreen on the babies because I knew they would spend most of their time in the stroller. Well Ellie wanted to be held for a little while and she burned. So many people stopped us to tell us how cute Ellie was. I think someone even took her picture.The little girl already has the paparazzi after her.

The only hard part was nursing in public. I'm not very good at it. I ended up giving them both a bottle because neither would nurse for very long. They just kept getting so frustrated. It's really hard to keep them covered and nursing. I guess I'll just have to practice more.

Overall it was a great day. I love spending time together with my family.

** I have to show you a close up of his sunglasses because they crack me up. I got them at Target. The lenses lift up. Ben will open them and say "Hello" then close them and say "goodbye!"


Amy said...

Melody, do you have a hooter hider? my sister and my sister inlaw have one and its great for public nursing. It is a blanket with a strap around your neck and a strip of boning in the front so you can look down and see the baby! Pretty classic. BTW, love the blog. :)

tiggrrl72077 said...

I don't have one. I really want one especially now. I'm thinking of asking my mom to make me one. They can't be too hard to make. It's just so hard to nurse in public without one. A blanket doesn't work well.