Thursday, July 03, 2008

Swim Lessons and Colic (and advice wanted)

Ben is taking swim lessons now. He is doing great! He is learning how to float on his back and hold his breath under water. If you ask him about them he will tell you he hates them. He never wants to go and protests all the way to the pool unless you are talking about what he does during the lessons. He will tell you about all the games he plays and what he does. He loves the "Froggy" game and the "Humpty Dumpty" game. I think that one involves falling into the water. He cries when I leave but has a blast the whole time.

On a less happy note - both Will and Ellie have colic. Oh the Joy! 5 pm to 10pm is quite noisy in our house. Most nights we go through our whole bag of tricks, which include - bouncy chair, swing, bath, walks, nursing, bottles, mylicon, laying on the floor, outside, and swaddling. Each thing only lasts for a few minutes which makes for a very tired Mommy. The hardest part is one is usually calm while the other one is fussy so there isn't a break. Or at least there isn't much of a break. Ellie loves to lay on the floor but Will doesn't. Will likes the swing and if he's wrapped in his fuzzy blanket with his pacifier he will usually sleep for a little while (until the pacifier falls out) Hopefully it won't last too much longer. I think colic only lasts for about 4 months give or take and they are just about 3 which means only a month left unless you go by adjusted age which means 2 months left.

Here is where the advice is needed - Quite often they want to nurse every two hours but a lot of the time they won't nurse longer than 10 minutes (sometimes they will go longer but a lot time it's 7-9 minutes) I would love to lengthen how long they go between feedings and how much they eat but I don't know how. They tend to FREAK out at the 2 hour mark and not much calms them down except nursing. Sometimes they won't even go two hours they want to nurse every hour. It's hard to get anything done. They also don't nap for very long. They will take one long nap in the am (roughly 1 - 2 hours) and from then on they sleep in 1/2 hour to 45 minute increments. Then they barely sleep at all from 4 - 10. Will sometimes falls asleep at 9 and will sleep through until 1am but Ellie won't go to bed before 10:30. HELP! Any advice would be great.


Abby Hanson said...

Oh man! Let me think on this one and I'll also ask my good friend Tiffany what she thinks. Her daughter had severe colic as well as major sleep problems. Hang in there!!

Good job getting Ben to talk about the swim lessons! Sometimes Heidi is contrary just to be contrary and then she's fine once she gets doing something. Kids can be funny (and stubborn) that way, huh? :)

Allison said...

Since I'm just now reading your blog maybe they've already gotten better now??

At this exact age I was going totally crazy. Mine were the same way, very fussy all evening. Going outside for an evening walk helped for us, or even taking a car ride to try to get past the fussy time (unless they hate the car!). Other than that, I did the exact things you are doing and just tried to get through it - realizing they were just going to have to cry sometimes.

About feeding, I always forced mine to only eat every three hours, I figured it would be the only key to my sanity. But, mine were somewhat willing to go that long, I'm not sure if you can force it. I did a very distinct pattern of eat, awake, sleep. That pattern helped with eating every 3 hours because they would eat, then I would make them stay awake for at least an hour, and then they would sleep for an hour or more before waking up to eat again.

So, that's my advice, probably not very helpful!