Sunday, August 31, 2008

Get it Together

In my quest to become more organized I have created this
I ♥ this book. It's currently divided into 4 sections.
The first section is for "important information" At-a-glance Dr's phone numbers, insurance numbers, medications, allergies, blood types, etc.
The second section is my address book and birthday list.
The third section is for monthly calendars. Written on them are birthdays/anniversaries, holidays, our schedule, when bills are due, etc.
The fourth section is for my "to do lists." They have evolved from this

to this
I'm trying to read my scriptures everyday. (even if it's just one verse) so I'm making myself write one down every day. I also have ideas on things to blog during the day but sometimes forget them when I sit down to type them out. I added a place to write down all the funny things Ben says. I think I will add a place on the back to write down Will/Ellie accomplishments as well.
I'm really enjoying this book. I got the idea from simplemom I'm really trying to get organized. My next goal is to de-clutter my house. I'm going to start small though.

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