Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tubby, Huggy, and Betty

So Ben has some new friends. Their names are Tubby, Huggy and Betty. They are imaginary. I heard about Tubby first. (As in "You're going down, Tubby" - see Benisms) I "met" Betty yesterday. He kept telling me how much he missed Betty. He wanted to go see her but he couldn't because Daddy was at work and she lived in the forest. He wanted to call her but his play cell phone was broken. We were sitting in the living room and all of a sudden he says "There's Betty!" I said "Where's Betty?" He said "She's in my room" So he ran down the hall to "get" her. Poor Bettty fell into the "mud" in the hallway. So he had to give her a "bath" after she had her bath he had to dry her off then she had to go to bed. Coming back down the hall she fell again but this time not in the mud. She did need a bandaid. Betty turned out to be pretty clumsy. She fell quite a few times and needed a bunch of pretend bandaids. She had to come to the bathroom with us when Ben had to go potty (BTW Potty training is going AWESOME!! He consistently poops in the potty. We're still working on peeing in the toilet.)  I accidently forgot her in the bathroom so we had to go back and get her. Then later she had to go potty. Ben helped her up on the toilet but when she was done I got the privelage of wiping her butt. (How many of you can say you've wiped an imaginary friend's butt? I've now wiped TWO! I got to wipe Huggy's today)

Huggy came over today. Huggy was a lot quieter. She (all three of them are girls) would show up randomly. We'll see if Tubby comes over tomorrow.

I love seeing his imagination working. It's so much fun.


Abby Hanson said...

I LOVE IT! So cute!! It kind of makes me wish my girls had imaginary friends. :) I remember my sister Rachel used to have one but I never did. So fun!

Erica said...

Omg soo love it!!! Shelby had a imaginary kitty for years and omg talk about funny the darn kitty was always with us so lets just say I closed a few doors on a kitty lol.. Keep blogging about him. I love how cute he is :)

Anonymous said...

Your child is a riot!!! I love him! I can't wait to see you guys............ YAY!!! :)

Chelsea said...

LOL too funny. henry doesn't have imaginary friends, but thanks to watching monsters inc a million times, he has a purple monster that hangs out in his room. i always remind him that it's a friendly monster. so far, that works.