Monday, August 25, 2008

The post with no name

I don't really have a name for this post. It's going to be another random post. First off here is the picture of the cake Jim made for my mom.
I think he did a pretty amazing job :)
The blessings went really well. Will cried through most of his. Ellie was great. She loves to be the center of attention. We got a really good picture of our whole family.

You can tell Ben wasn't feeling great. He wouldn't smile. But He's doing much better now. He was kind of off all weekend. Poor little guy. He wasn't off enough to not go on the trampoline (or the "jumpoline" as my neice calls it) He loves to go on it.
I went to my doctor on Friday to get back on Metformin. She is great and just prescribed it for me. She did take blood to check my glucose levels and my thyroid levels. The nurse called me today and said my glucose levels are fine but my thyroid levels are low(hypothyroidism) so I am going on thyroid medication. Hopefully it will help me lose weight.
We were watching tv today (surprise, surprise) and there was a commercial for a Barbie on. Ben said "I want Batman to kill that girl." WTF?! I said "what did you say?" He said "I want Batman to kill that girl." I asked "why?" He said "because she sings" Nice.
Later he was taking off his clothes and I asked him why he was doing this. He said "It will make you laugh"
I sure do love that little psycho kid.

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Julie W said...

I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. I do enjoy reading all about your adventures and funny Ben quotes. You are welcome to read my blog whenever. Just click on my "post name" and that will take you to my profile and blog list. Thanks for sharing!!! Julie (Job) Williams