Saturday, August 23, 2008


The past two days have been quite the adventure. My whole family was supposed to come down for my mom's birthday and the twins' blessing. Well my brother called yesterday and said he had been up sick the whole night before and wouldn't be able to come down. I was really disappointed because it's been awhile since our whole family has been together and I was excited for them to meet my babies. But I totally understand. I want him to feel better and I want him to be safe.

My dad took the day off yesterday and had Ben for most of the day. They went to Sam's Club and my dad bought a trampoline. They hung out in the backyard putting it together. After a couple hours my dad brought Ben home. Ben had been complaining that his head hurt. I gave him some Children's Motrin and laid him down for a nap. He slept for quite awhile then acted like he felt better. Well later that evening I went up to my parents with the babies and Jim had Ben at our house. When I got back our house smelled like throwup. While I was gone Ben threw up twice. We gave him some more Motrin and he laid on the couch. While I was putting the babies to Bed he threw up twice more. I laid down with him in our bed while Jim was making my mom's birthday cake. Ben finally fell asleep and I came out and finished my mom's scrap book.

This morning Ben woke up so cranky and HOT. Jim had gone golfing with his dad and of course Ben only wanted Jim. I cuddled with him for a little while until both babies woke up. I called my dad and him come out and help me with the babies while I took care of Ben. Then I had my dad hand me the babies so I could nurse them. I finally got all three calmed down, diapers changed and dressed. I took them all up to my parents house so I could introduce them to my sister. Jim came up after he got home and then we went back home. Ben stayed up at my parents house and played with all of his cousins.

Jim worked on the cake some more. (He was carving out an eagle in flight and then decorating it) I was making a scrapbook and after that I iced a second cake. The eagle cake was a surprise. So I decorated a small two tier cake which we were going to pretend was her real cake. We spent the better part of the morning working on our projects. At 2:00 we were finally able to go up and hang out with everyone. It was really nice. At about 5:00 Ben started getting hot and cranky again. I gave him more Motrin and let him sleep for awhile. He started feeling better after a little while. I'm hoping he feels better tomorrow. If not he won't be going to church. He's acting tons better now.

My mom LOVED the cake and the book. She was really touched at the thoughtfulness of it. I'm really glad it turned out well. I will post a picture of the cake as soon as I get one. It was AWESOME!

Now everyone is asleep. I'm getting ready to head there myself.

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