Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Swim Lessons (and more pics of Ellie's dress)

Ben is doing great with swim lessons! He can float on his back without help for quite a while. He's learning to hold his breath under water (he keeps forgetting) He doesn't cry during the lesson anymore. He doesn't even cry before the lesson. I'm not sure if he's getting used to it or if it's because I get in the pool with him for a little while after the lessons are over. That way he gets a chance to play in the water. Here's a couple of pictures of swim lessons
Getting in the water
Floating on his back
Holding his breath while swimming
We tried Ellie's dress on today.She loved it. She smiled the whole time she was wearing it and cried when we took it off. What a little princess :) (I just love her smile. Her whole face lights up. It's so cute)


Allison said...

Fun! Is that a friend Ben is taking swim lessons from? I want to get Anna in some but don't know where to go besides the YMCA...

Anonymous said...

That dress is amazing! She looks like she knows she is supposed to smile and love being dressed up!!! She's a princess for sure!

karen said...

She does look like a little princess. So Cute.