Sunday, August 10, 2008

This, That and the Other

Wow I am slacking on my blogging. There really isn't anything especially exciting going on in our lives so this will be just a hodgepodge of stuff :)


The other night Will and Ellie went to sleep at 8:30 (and 9:30 - Ellie is my night owl) and didn't wake up until 5:17am!! After they nursed they went back to sleep until Will woke up at 8:00 and Ellie woke up at 9:00  The only problem was Jim and I had stayed up until midnight watching a movie but it was still AWESOME.

Messy Boy

I have such a problem just letting Ben be a boy and get dirty but I am working on that. The other day I let him go out and play in the mud. This is the results

This is Ben when you give him stickers
And this is Ben when you give him a pudding cup
The Twins
This is what happens when your mom is obessed with coordinating your outfits...
Monkey Toes
I guess Monkey Toes really do run in our family
So Big
My babies are so big now. We put them in the exersaucer friday and they LOVED it! (Well Will loved it. Ellie was ok in it) I can't believe they are so big.
They hate tummy time so they don't roll over yet. They are almost 4 months old so I think this is a little behind but I'm not sure. (adjusted age is 3 months)I'm going to have to work on tummy time more often.
Update on Mommy
I'm having some horrible neck pain on my left side. I think it's because my computer sits on the left side of the couch so I have to turn my head to use the computer. It's killing me right now. I've been putting heat on it hoping it will help.

I'm also constantly STARVING. I just want to snack ALL THE TIME. I've been craving sweets litke you can't believe. I hate it. I'm not sure if the constant hunger is because of the constant breastfeeding but I'm going to have to make a severe effort to only snack on healthy foods so I don't put on a million pounds.

I'm going to talk to my PCP about getting back on Metformin for my PCOS. I'm hoping it will help me to lose the weight again.

I think that's everything for now. I'm exhausted and my neck hurts


Anonymous said...

I love the matching outfits on the twins! I would do the same thing! The green and brown is my favorite! I remember going thru a starving phase too....but I only nursed one! I can't imagine two. You are probably dying! I think it's just your body catching up from the major surgery you just went thru, and getting your appetite back. I'm proud you let Ben get dirty! That's a big step for you! :)

Chelsea said...

i'm so bad at letting henry be a boy. i realized that i need to let loose a little more when i saw his little friend at 9pm w/ a watermelon-stained t-shirt, dirty face, and a cast on his arm. [henry was clean and in bed]. as my husband pointed out, that's what summertime should look like on a kid. so we're a little tight. i guess there are worse thing. we let loose on occasion.

anyway, i love the coordinated outfits.

i've been weaning jack and in the past few days i've noticed my appetite has gone from ravenous to not needing anywhere near as much food. FINALLY.