Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mommy Fix it! (and swim lessons)

Ben was given this toy a while ago but he's just started to really play with it. Let me explain the toy a little - the letters and numbers are buttons above those are pictures of items that start with that letter (or music notes above the numbers) on the side of the toy are 6 different "activities" the toy can do. If you choose option 1. it will just say the letter or number you push. Option 2. asks where an object is (example - "where is the star?" the child will push s) Option 3. makes a noise and tells what the picture is. If it is an animal it will make the animal noise. Option 4. Will say a letter and asks what letter comes next. Option 5. Asks where an item is and then when you push the letter it will spell it. Option 6. Asks what letter an item starts with.
Ben really enjoyed this toy until yesterday when he discovered this
I heard him arguing with the toy. Then he very angrily brought it to me. He said "She (the toy's voice is female) said insect Momma, and it's a bee" "It's not an insect it's a bee" He was so angry with it that he turned it off. Today he brought it to me and said "Momma will you fix it. She said insect. It's not an insect it's a BEE" I tried to explain to him that a bee is an insect but he wasn't having any of it. It was a bee and she was saying the wrong thing.
I get to cross one thing off my list from yesterday!! I went swimming with Ben today after swim lessons. I realized that everytime he has swim lessons he doesn't get any time to just play in the water unstructured so I decided to bring my suit and let him play for a little while after the lessons were done.

He did awesome today. He is learning to float on his back and can do it by himself for quite some time. (the picture quality is horrible because it's on my camera phone and I couldn't get it to completely focus in this picture - even though the above picture was also on my camera phone.) The girl in the picture is my sister Amanda (she isn't the one giving the lessons but she was showing me what he could do) He didn't even cry today. YEA!!

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