Friday, September 19, 2008

Dem Bones, Dem Bones (and Directv)

So today was actually a pretty good day. Babies slept through the night last night! WooHoo!! They woke up at 5:40 am nursed for twenty minutes and I put them back to bed. They were still awake but happy so I let them talk to themselves for awhile. I went back to bed and they fell back asleep. Ben woke up at 6:45 I pacified him with Dora (he never gets to watch Dora because she annoys the crap out of me) I got to semi sleep until 7:15. He told me Dora was over and it was time to get up. So we go out to the living room and I turned the tv on. (great parenting I know.) Dora was still on, that little liarpants. I got him some breakfast and cuddled with him for a little while. The babies woke up at 8:00. It was really nice.

The babies went down for a nap at 10:30. While the babies were asleep Ben and I did some "preschool time" He was wearing a shirt with bones on it. So we talked about bones and skeletons. I printed up a skeleton for him to color and put together. He was so funny. He loves to color with the black crayon but he was a little concerned because skeletons are white. He didn't want to color it with any color because it was supposed to be white. I explained to him that he could color it any color he wanted. He now knows where his rib cage, his humorus and his femur are. We talked about how bones can break  and how Branka broke his rib. He said "That is sad Momma, because now he can't jump on the trampoline" Here is Ben and his skeleton.
(The face really isn't as scary as it looks in the second picture)
Will woke up at 11:12. So I got him up and he watched us do preschool. Ellie slept until 12:30 (2 hours!! WooHoo!). Both babies woke up really happy. Then Will went down at 1:00 and slept until 3:00 (2 hours!!) Woke up thrilled. Ellie went down at 3:00 and woke up at 4:00 (I'll still take one hour over 30 minutes) Will went back down at 5:30 until 6:15 but that's ok because it was getting to late for naps anyway. Ellie didn't go back down so she began to get really grumpy. They were on complete different schedules but that was ok because they weren't grumpy. I'm still not sure how to get them on the same schedule.
Tonight was a completely different story. I nursed both babies at 7:30. Will wouldn't settle down but Ellie fell asleep. I went to put her in bed and she woke right up. I laid her down anyway but took Will out to give him a bottle. Over the monitor I hear Ellie poop. So Jim goes and gets her up. I change her diaper and put her back in bed. She falls asleep.
While I am feeding Will the phone rings (at 8:45pm) It's Directv calling me to "thank me for my payment" Will woke up when the phone rang. I got so pissed at the guy. I said "do you realize what time you are calling? You  just woke my baby up" He hung up on me! So I called Directv back and complained to customer service. She said "we are allowed to call up until 9:00 at night." I said "Not at my house you aren't. If you EVER call my house that late again I will cancel my service right then. I have 5 month old twins you just woke up" She gave me 3 months of showtime for free. (Not that I care about Showtime but it was nice that they gave me something) Will finally went back to sleep at 10:00. (except he's fussed twice since then. I'm praying he stays asleep all night)
So that was my day/night. No time to myself but it was still nice. Now it's 11:00 and I'm going to go take a shower.


Abby Hanson said...

Good job Mel! And you are awesome to build a whole preschool lesson around Ben's shirt!! Boo to stupid people who call too late!

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars do I have some bad Directv stories! Apparantely one of the job requirements is to be a complete idiot! I'm glad you told them off! Hope today is another good sleep day..for mommy too! Right...!:)

Eternal Sunshine said...

Wow! just with all the sleeping and waking at different times, that sounds like a busy day!

Good for DirectTV for trying to make up for a mistake.

I just happened across you, and I like to visit other bloggers names Melody whenever I can, so - "Hi, fellow Melody!!!"

I'm a tremendous dork, I know.

erinTphotography said...

melody, i love this post. i am so glad you found my blog, so i could find yours. though i've never had twins with a toddler (heaven help)...your posts seem to resignate with the rasing of my children...i can't stress to you enough that it will get easier, better...and somehow will all be worth it. hang in there and call me when you want to grab a bite to eat at Coco's and we can leave all them munchkins at home with daddy!