Sunday, September 07, 2008

Oh wow

So I was going to post about my "obsession" with having my children's outfits coordinate and putting Miss EllieBelly in cute dresses. In fact I went to Burlington Coat Factory yesterday to get Will a church outfit and I ended up spending $120. I got Will two little suits but then I got Ellie two dresses and Ben a suit. I was going to post this really cute picture of them all dressed up and ready to go to church. All coordinating in their outfits
How much I loved putting Ellie in cute outfits and hairbows. How I love having a girly girl and I think they are so cute all dressed up in their coordinating outfits.
Then I watched this:Toddlers and Tiaras it was a show about Beauty pagents. There was a 7 year old who went tanning, got fake teeth, fake eye lashes, makeup, fake hair, etc (and it was considered normal). It made me sick. They really did look like dolls. I told Jim I will never put Miss Elliebelly in pagents. My "obsession" (and I think I will stop calling it that now) is nothing compared to these moms. They pay thousands of dollars for these dresses and entry fees. Its so sad because there's so much pressure on these little girls. I can understand the wanting to be dressed like a "princess" but I think we'll stick with playing dress up. I can't even fathom puting my child through that. All the mom's said "If my child wanted to stop that would be the end." But then you see one little girl who said she didn't want to do it (while they were at the pagent) and the mom laid a HUGE guilt trip on her. Give me a break. The other thing that bothered me was how they had these little girls dancing so provocatively. It realy made me sick.
No way. I want Ellie to have a childhood. I want her to be able to be a little girl. I don't want her to think that you have to have fake teeth, and fake hair and be all made up with makeup and tanning to be beautiful. I want her to know that beaauty comes from within.
Having said all that I still love coordinating my kids outfits and dressing them up.
I'm not sure if this whole post made sense or not. It felt like I was rambling a lot but I just watched that show and it really bothered me.

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Erica said...

I so love the outfits very cute keep on matching lol.. As far as all the fake stuff I hate that. Now that Shelby is 13 she wants to try modeling and omg she is far from a girly girl lol. She is simple nad she is still VERY beautiful soo dont worry you can do both..