Friday, October 17, 2008

Making Spiders

This week in preschool we've been learning about spiders. Every day (well starting from Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were hectic) We did a spider craft project and a coloring page. We also learned about the letter B and did worksheets on writing the letter B.
I saw these
and thought "how cool! Ben would love to make those" Well Jim went to the grocery store last night to get the Ding Dongs and Pocky sticks (that's what the legs are made out of) But our grocery store was out (I know they sell it because we've bought it before) so we had to improvise and got pretzel sticks.
Ours didn't turn out quite so cool
But Ben had fun


Tarena said...

I think they're adorable.

Abby Hanson said...

I love it! Where did you find that? And if we find pocky sticks, do we just try to get chocolate ones or are we supposed to paint them with frosting? And what did you use for the eyes? It looks like it might be frosting but definitely doesn't look like craft googly eyes.

Last Friday we made these bat clips:

and these pumpkins:

Ours also didn't turn out quite the way the originals were, but I like to think they have a charm all their own. :) Especially after Autumn drew a mini pumpkin head on the chin of her pumpkin-face that looks more like a "soul-patch"!

karen said...

What a cool idea. I have gotten some great ideas from you. thanks. Keep it up.