Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a difference 6 months makes

We took this picture on April 23, 2008. The twins were 6 days old. Will weighed 4 lbs 14oz and Ellie weighed 4 lbs 5 oz
I took this one today.  They are 6 months 1 day old. Will weighs 15lbs 9 1/2 oz and Ellie weighs 12 lbs.
Time has just flown by so quickly. I can't believe they are already 6 months old. They are doing great. The doctor said they are right on target developmentally.

They are both rolling over. Will rolls over both front to back and back to front. Ellie hasn't quite gotten back to front down yet but she's just about there.

Will can sit up for a few seconds on his own. Ellie doesn't like to. She can but normally she will just straighten her whole body so you can't sit her down.

We've started them both on solids. Will loves them and can't get enough. He's had rice cereal (he's ok with it), green beans (liked them) and sweet potatos (LOVED them). Ellie's only tried rice cereal and sweet potatos. She doesn't seem to care for rice cereal. She seems to like the sweet potatos but can't keep het hands out of her mouth. She will take a bite then suck her thumb, take a bite then suck her thumb, etc. But she seems to want to suck her thumb more than eat.

We still aren't sleeping through the night. Ellie will sleep through until about 3 then 5 then 7ish. Will will wake up at 11, 3, 5 and 7ish (sometimes 6 then 7) I'm not sure how to cut out even one of the feedings. I tried just letting him cry the other night when he woke up at 10:30 to eat (they go to bed at 7) but he fussed/cried until 11:50 when I went in and fed him. (He wasn't crying the whole time and I actually thought he had gone back to sleep but no such luck) Last night wasn't horrible. He woke up at 11:30 - I fed him. He went back to sleep then they both woke up at 3 and then they both slept until 7. I can handle that. I just hate the 3rd feeding. Especially when its at 5:30 because that puts me back in bed at 6 and 9 times out of 10 Ben will wake up at 6:30 so basically I'm up from 5:30 on. YUCK

But we are doing pretty well. We're actually getting into some semblance of a routine and it's working pretty great. The doctor said in two weeks we are going to cut Will's zantac back to once a day then try taking him off it all together. Hopefully he will do great.


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Summer said...

I look at mom's with twins and am in complete awe! How do you do it???? I can't imagine how difficult it must be...but I'm sure it is very rewarding as well. They are beautiful!

Anna said...

So I have to admit to what a bad cousin I am, and tell you I don't think I have ever seen pictures of your twins. They are sooo cute!! And what an amazing job you do to take care of them. I think one is hard, I don't want to imagine handling two of the same age at once.
Glad to hear that they are doing well. Good luck in getting them to sleep more. I hope it works out soon.

lovezach6 said...

Hey girl where the heck are you I need my fix from you chick. Hope all is well tell Jim Happy Birthday too (((HUGS)))