Thursday, December 18, 2008

My spreadsheet

I got an email from Lisa today asking for a copy of my spreadsheet. I realize I've mentioned my spreadsheets before but I don't think I've ever really described it. So here goes :) (Thanks Lisa for an idea on something to blog about too! I've been in kind of a blogging slump lately)
 I keep track of everything that goes into and comes out of the twins. Its another obsession of mine. It really messes me up if I don't have the data for that day.

Here's how the spreadsheet works.
It starts at 6:00am and ends at 5:00am the next morning.

Column B and C are the start and end times for nursing.

Column D is which side Right or Left (I just put R or L)

Column E is if they were really fussing (I didn't always use that column. I started putting y/n for fussy then switched to a color code red was inconsolible, orange was fussy, yellow was mildly fussy, green was happy. Then I quit tracking it all together. I was trying to see if there was a pattern for awhile)

Column F is for if they took a bottle and how many ounces it was. ( I supplemented at first. And now they get one if I'm gone)

Column G is if the bottle was (e) expressed (Breastmilk) or (f) formula

Column H is what time they woke up

Column I is what time they went down

Column J is if they have a wet diaper (I just use y/n)

Column K is if they have a poopy diaper (I use (L)arge, (M)edium, and (S)mall or (N)one)

Column L is the number of diapers in that hour (If they had two poopy diapers in that hour I would put L2 or whatever in column K or Y2 in Column J if they had two wet diapers)

Column M is any other comments - if they got shots or tylenol or what solids they eat (I use it still) It helps to keep track of medicine too.

Row 28 adds up the total amount they had supplemented and Row 31 is the total number of diapers they each had that day.
The twins have been alive for 245 days and I have data for at least 230 days of it. One of these days I will stop keeping track but for now it's really helpful. I really do feel out of sorts if I don't track what they did that day. It's also really helpful when I have to take them to the doctor because I don't have to actually remember anything. I have it all right there.
I know I'm crazy aren't I?

(If you want a copy of my spreadsheet please feel free to email me. I have daily ones and one that is for the whole month. - it is the same spreadsheet but has a new tab for each day. It is on Excel so you will have to have Excel to use it)

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Chelsea said...

i do the same thing with my kids! i have stopped about the 3 month mark. i just can't remember anything before that point. plus, i go back to work at 12 weeks, and my husband isn't usually as on top of the spreadsheet as i am. it was really helpful to look back at #1's schedule in the beginning to remind myself of what #2 likely had in store for me. next time, maybe i'll look at those sheets BEFORE i decide to get pregnant to remind myself of the 2-hour blocks of sleep. :)