Friday, December 19, 2008

Potty Training, Teeth and Weaning

We've been working on potty training Ben which hasn't been fun. All week I've put him in underwear. If he had two accidents in a day I'd put him in a diaper. So everyday this week he ended up in diapers about noon (one day he made it until 2). I haven't been able to figure out any that would work to get him to pee in the toilet until today. On my friend's facebook page she talked about these bullseyes for the toilet. I though to myself maybe that would work for him. So what I did was found a bullseye clipart. I printed up probably 50 of them. So today he peed in the toilet all day! He stayed dry until 6:00. We had people over, he was watching tv and I forgot to ask him if he needed to pee so I can't really blame him. I am so thrilled! He loved peeing on the targets.

More good news Will has a third tooth! This one is on top. I think he's going to wean himself soon. He will only nurse for a few minutes and then is horribly cranky. I just don't think he's getting enough. I nursed him this afternoon for about 5 minutes then he refused to nurse anymore. He was still so cranky so I made him a 6 ounce bottle and he downed it in minutes. Then he was really happy.

Ellie however wants nothing to do with a bottle. She would rather not eat and wait for me to get home than take a bottle. It will be weird to have one on a bottle and one nursing.

Anyone else wean one and continue to nurse the other?


jen said...

I heard little boys love to use cheerios as targets in the potty too. Ben might enjoy that... With Rian, we let her pick our her big girl panties and that also helped her be the one remembering to stay dry because she didn't want to make Tinkerbell wet and sad. The move reversed all this progress but those are just some tips that helped our first go round. Good luck!

Allison said...

Good job Ben! The target is a great idea.

I weaned both of mine at the same time - so no advice there. But I know people who did it separately. I'm sure it will be fine - maybe just a little weird like you said to nurse one and not the other.

Anni said...

my husbands friend told him that when we potty train emerick, to put a cheerio in the toilet for him to aim at, so same idea! such a good idea!!!

lovezach6 said...

I used Cheerios then would throw in color and give fruit o's lol Hope it works.