Monday, January 19, 2009

9 months

Will and Ellie had their 9 month appointment today. The offical stats are:
Weight - 19lbs 8.5oz  - 25th %
Length - 27inches - 20%
Head size - 45cm - 45%

Weight - 14lbs 5.5oz - not even on the charts.
Length - 26inches - 15%
Head size - 42 1/2cm - 20%

My babies are getting so big!! They are scooting all over the place! Will is really quick. He can sit up on his own. He says "Mamamamama"all the time and his giggle is completely infectious. He has 4 teeth. He's such a chunky little monkey, I love it. Poor little guy has been spitting up again and he's been really grumpy lately so I talked to the doctor about putting him back on the Zantac because I'm pretty sure the reflux is back. He agreed so Will is back on Zantac. This time he's on 1.2mls every 12 hours.

Ellie is so much fun. She is so ticklish. Her laugh is hilarious. She gets so excited and wiggly when she sees someone she likes. She doesn't care for strained baby food but loves anything she can pick up and eat by herself. She has 2 teeth. She's so tiny. She has a newborn size dress that she just barely grew out of. We really are getting our money's worth in clothes on her.

They are so much fun! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.

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Hajar said...

Baby laughs are just the sweetest thing! I'm glad for the video camera that records those little precious moments in time.