Friday, January 23, 2009

This week in Review

We are all recovering from being sick over here. Jim got it first. He was completely knocked down last weekend. Saturday he didn't even get out of bed. He had a horrible fever and was just completely sick. By Monday he was feeling a little better but since he had been in bed all day Saturday and Sunday he could barely walk on Monday. Jim took care of Ben on Monday while I took the babies to their 9 month appointment. (But I already posted about that here)

Tuesday Ben, Will and I all came down with the same thing Jim had. We have all been horribly congested all week. Ben was running a fever on Tuesday and Wednesday. Poor Will's nose has been gross. (and I HATE snotty noses) Tuesday was also our 8th anniversary. I was meaning to post this whole wonderful post about our anniversary. I still plan to do that post either later tonight or tomorrow. 

Wednesday we bought a Cannon Eos Rebel XS as a anniversary present to each other. I am so excited to start using the new camera. It takes AWESOME pictures.

Last night was my sewing class. I am loving learning to sew. I made a sun dress for Ellie Bellie. It is reversible. I love the material for it. It's not finished yet. I still have to add buttons to it and make the diaper covers. Since it's reversible I'm going to make two covers. One in the pink skull material and one in the black polka dot material. I love the dress and can't wait for it to be finished! Here it is:

My mom had me measure her waist and thigh so we could make the diaper cover small enough. Ellie has a 15 inch waist and 8 inch thighs. For the fun of it I decided to measure Will as well. He has a 19 inch waist and 11 inch thighs. Then Ben wanted to be measured as well. He has a 19 inch waist and 11 1/2 inch thighs. My boy have the same size waist and almost the same size thighs!

We are now on friday and slowing feeling better. Ben is still whiney, Ellie just got her third tooth today, Will and I are horribly cranky and Jim has to work tomorrow yuck! Hopefully we will be covered and back to our smiley happy selves soon.

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