Monday, March 23, 2009

Trampoline or Ball pit?

Yesterday was such a nice day that we played outside most of the day. (That is one of the nice things about Southern California. It was in the 70's all day.) My parents were watching my neice Jane (Her mommy was in the hospital having her little brother - more on him later) Ben and Jane are only about 6 months apart and they have tons of fun together.  They love to jump on the "Jumpoline." RIchie and Loralee bought a bunch of balls to go on the trampoline. Ben, Jane and Will loved it, Ellie - not so much. She didn't want to be on the trampoline at all with the balls. She was content to hang out on the outside of the net with Grandma. 

Will and Ellie checking out the "ball pit"
 Ben and Jane
Ben and Jane bouncing
This is my favorite picture of them. I love how they are up in the air with all the balls flying.
Ellie and Grandma watching the fun

Ben, Jane and Will
Ellie wanting off the trampoline.



Fiori Family said...

GREAT pictures! I have to say I LOVE the one of them jumping and the balls were jumping also! Glad everyone had fun!

alisha said...

that looks too fun!!! great pics, your new camera looks like a good purchase!

Tami said...

So cute!!