Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign (and Milestones)

The babies have really started to pick up on signing. They both can sign baby, more, shoes, and all done. On top of that Will can also sign cracker and Ellie can sign daddy and fish.

I love this stage when they are beginning to communicate. They are starting to say words as well. Will can say cracker. Ellie can say baby, dog, fish and bottle.

They are so much fun. They love to explore and get into ANYTHING they can. Ellie loves to climb on everything. Willl loves to open and close doors and cupboards.

They both are learning to throw tantrums - not my favorite milestone. Even their tantrums are unique though. Ellie bursts into tears and folds in half with her head on the floor. Will plops himself on the the floor and then (carefully) throws himself onto his back. With Will if you ignore him he will stop for a minute to check if you are watching him but after a little while he gets over it. Ellie can go on for quite a while. Her heart is broken and her world is ruined. She doesn't care if you are watching or not she is devastated that she did not get what she wanted( or someone got too close to her)

Will is more friendly. He's willing to go to most anyone. Ellie on the other hand would prefer that most people just leave her alone. She's ok with strangers if someone she knows (and feels really comfortable with) is holding her. But they better not get to close or she throws her tantrum. A poor cashier in Sam's Club learned this the hard way. Ellie screamed for a full 5 minutes just because the lady came up and said hi to her.

They both give kisses. Neither are very free with them. After Will gives a kiss he has to clap - everytime. (His wedding is gonna be interesting, "Now you may kiss your bride - Clap, Clap, Clap!") He gives big open mouthed kisses. Ellie's kisses are closed mouth and more like "Ok I will grace you with a kiss" She just leans in and puts her mouth on yours.

Ellie loves to run up and our legs. Its so cute. She just wraps her arms around your legs and put her head in between your knees. Will doesn't care much for hugs or cuddling. Even if he's hurt or tired.

They are so much fun! It's been so much fun to watch them grow and develop at different stages even though they are the exact same age.

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Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

For a long time one of mine seemed not to like cuddling as much as the other one, but I kept trying, and now he cuddles a little more. I can't just let him slip out of childhood without cuddling him too. ;-) I thought maybe it was my fault he does not like to cuddle so much, because when they were newborn I was sick and exhausted and maybe I did not spend enough time holding him, just for the sake of cuddling and bonding. I can't do that time over, but I have been trying to play with him and hold him more whenever I get a chance.
But your babies sound soooo cute and funny. Mine are so cute and funny too. It would be fun to see them play together. Heehee.