Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Party Number 1

Since both our families live so close to each other, have so many people and I get overwhelmed easily, we decided to do two separate parties for the twins. One with my family and one with Jim's family. Last year we had everyone at our house and ended up with 52 people!! Needless to say I was quite overwhelmed.

Will and Ellie's (I'm trying to not call them "the Babies" or "the Twins" but that is another post entirely) birthday was actually on Sunday. We decided to do the first party on Friday night at my parents house. My older sister and her family were in town so we got to celebrate with them as well which was really nice. We had a BBQ and then cake and ice cream.

I decided to do a different theme for each party since Will and Ellie are SOOO DIFFERENT! I (moronically) thought this would be easier. (I have NO idea why I thought this would be easier. Nor do I have any idea why I thought two parties would be any less overwhelming than one giant party) So Friday's theme was Thomas the Train. I found a really cute Thomas the Train cake that didn't look tooo hard. Here is my attempt at it.

Will was so excited about his cake that he sang himself "Happy Birthday" then wanted me to give it to him lol.

The kids had tons of fun playing in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. They have an acre so there is tons of room to play. They got to jump on the trampoline and play on the playhouse. They also did races and generally just chased each other around. There were a total of 12 cousins there. Ranging in age from 7 months to 15 years. They all get along really well which makes it so much easier :) Here's some pictures from the party.

Will on one of the play toys in the backyard

Big Brother. I just love this picture

Birthday girl waiting for cake!!
 Both waiting for cake. (apparently we couldn't get them to look at our camera. Not one picture had them both lookingat ours. My dad was on that side so I'm hoping he got a ton lol)
Blowing out the candles! They did great. They blew them out on their own! So big!!
 Daddy playing with his new Itouch.


the Chandler chronicles said...

Way cute pics! and the cake is adorable!

E said...

I love that J got a new itouch for their bday LOL! Happy Birthday to the cool kids! <3 <3