Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goodbye Paci's!!!

I have another post to write about the 2nd birthday party but I felt this was blog worthy :)

We have gotten rid of the paci's!! I know they are 3 now and probably should have given them up a year or two ago (or in some people's opinions 3 years ago) but Paci's were such a comfort to them that I couldn't bear to take them away.

Will has pretty much used one from day one. It helped a lot when the reflux was really bad. In the beginning the paci was almost bigger than his head. lol

 Ellie used hers more as something to chew on. We got to a point during the first year that we rarely even gave her one.
Then at about a year she decided to see what the fuss was about and started stealing them from Will. From that point on she was hooked!
 Fast forward - now they are three and its time to get rid of them.

Although Will started out way more dependent on them Ellie quickly caught up in dependence. I built it up for awhile. Telling them that on their birthday we were going to give them to Captain America so he could give them to babies who needed them. They were really excited about this. So bedtime comes on their birthday and we put them to bed without the paci's. they cried for about 15 minutes and fell asleep. I thought "that was easy!"

Then 1:00am comes around. Ellie wakes up screaming/crying for her paci. She's not a big girl. She doesn't care if big girl's get to go on the trampoline. She doesn't care that big girls get to color and play outside. She's a baby and wants her paci. We are up for an hour and a half and she finally falls asleep.

Next evening she loses her mind every time something offends her. She just wants her paci. We hold strong. They fall asleep within 15 minutes again. This time they sleep through the night. (although at 5:30am I wake up to Will in our bed. No thank you! Our bed is full. We are still trying to get Ben out of it. - Another post all together.)

Tonight it has been a week since we took them. They are doing pretty well. Anytime she gets upset she still wants her paci. But we've been able to distract her for the most part. They even found two paci's around the house and I was able to take them away without too much drama. I know they will continue to find them. (There are probably 50 paci's lost around our house. There seems to be a paci black hole that they would get sucked into so we would constantly be buying more.)

Next up: Potty training!!! Any tips/tricks would be totally appreciated!! :)

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Julie W said...

Way to go!! I have a 5-year-old thumb sucker . . . not yet sure how to break THAT habit:(