Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chest Pains

For the last 5 or 6 months Ben has been complaining that his chest hurts at recess. No other time of the day. Just the end of  recess. I thought maybe there was something happening at recess but I volunteer every Friday and he seems to have a great time. I thought maybe it was all the running, swinging, playing etc. But it doesn't happen after he jumps on the trampoline or rides his scooter. 

So we decided to make an appointment for him. The doctor checked him out and said his breathing sounds normal and his lungs sound clear. It's most likely just pain in his chest wall. But he wanted to do an x-ray and an EKG to make sure.  He also said to put him on a half  a Zantac twice a day for a week. If it doesn't help then discontinue it. 

This is a really crappy picture. It was taken with my cell phone. This is Ben getting the chest x-ray. The technician was great. He let Ben go back and look at the x-rays and showed him where his heart, spine and ribs are. Ben was so excited. Then he let Ben pick out a sucker. Ben does not like Root-Beer suckers. 

Then we went up for the EKG. For the record, I have never had one of these. I have never seen one done either. So I couldn't even tell him what was going to happen. (I usually prepare him for whatever appointment he has.) He likes to know what is going on and why. This time I had no info for him except "they are going to check your heart." We go in and again the technician is great. He talks to Ben throughout the whole thing telling him what he is doing and why. At the end he even let Ben help take off all of the "stickers" I took this picture of Ben and showed it to him. 
He said "It looks like I'm going to be changed into a monster!" He thought it was pretty awesome. He gave Ben two suckers. Ben does like Bubblegum and Banana suckers. 

We have another appointment in two weeks to go over the results. 

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Jen said...

Please let me know what happens. Texas has a sunken chest and the doctor told me that there is nothing that I can do until he's older. Chest pains are not something that you can just brush off in my opinion.