Sunday, May 01, 2011

3 Year Check Up

Will and Ellie had their 3 year check up on Wednesday. I've been trying to get this post up since then but I couldn't get the pic from my phone to blogger and then something would come up and I would have to walk away from the computer and I'd forget about it until I sat down again but then I didn't have time to work on it so it just kept getting put off. Until now!!!!

Their appointment went well. It was the first well baby appointment for the twins that I've ever done by myself. I usually bring my mom so she can help with one and I deal with the other especially if they are getting shots. But my mom just got over being sick and had tons of work to catch up on. I didn't want to have to make her fit one more thing in to her schedule. (I know she would have if there was any way she could have. She has been so helpful with the twins since day 1, But I knew she had a lot going on and didn't want to add to that)
I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how to handle both of them and shots but I figured we'd just have to make it work lol. 

Their stats:

Weight: 5lbs 2 oz - 3rd percentile
Height - 17 inches - 1st percentile
Weight - 32lbs 6oz - 58th percentile 
Height - 37 1/2 inches - 53rd percentile

Weight: 4lbs 10 oz - 1st percentile
Height - 16 inches  - >1st percentile
Weight - 29lbs 4 oz - 35th percentile
Height - 37 inches - 49th percentile
They sure are growing quick!!!!
We all survived the shots. Will got his first and I leaned over him and put my face right next to his to calm him and comfort him (since we took the paci's away a couple weeks ago. Planning Fail!!) He got the shot (thankfully it was only one) and I rocked him for a sec. Then I laid him back on table and laid Ellie next to him on the other side. I leaned over both of them, comforting them both. After she got her shot I picked them both up with their blankets and held them for a little while. Then we went out and got stickers and suckers and all was good. 
It wasn't ideal but it worked and we all survived. It's interesting the way having twins changes things. 

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