Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have found as a parent you have to throw out all your expectations.

Before you have kids (as least this is true for me) I KNEW exactly how things were going to be.
My kids wouldn't be THOSE kids. Mine would listen and never talk back. They would be confident and self assured. They would eat everything I told them to. They would have perfect teeth and sleep all through the night from day one. They would never throw tantrums, especially not in the store. They would always stay near the cart and never whine. They wouldn't have pacifiers after the first year. They would would be potty trained by two.
My girls would be girlie. They would love to dress up in pretty dresses. They would play with barbies and babies, They would love princess movies and all things princess-ey. But they would be tough. They would be able defend themselves as well.
My boys would be tough too. They would love cars and superheros. They would love to build things. They would love bugs and dogs. But they would be sweet. They would bring me flowers and give me kisses.

In addition to all of this I knew that even if they weren't exactly what I expected I could at least control me. I knew that because I had gone through infertility and desperately wanted these precious children, that I would always be loving and patient with them. I wouldn't yell or scream.

Like I said you have to throw out all of your expectations. There are many times that my children really are THOSE children. They do throw tantrums, even in the store. I am routinuely outnumbered so I do lose my patience with them more than I'd like to admit. They are some of the world's pickiest eaters. The twins still have pacifiers (although they know Saturday is the last day for them) They aren't potty trained. (We are slowly working on that.)

Ellie is no where near a girlie girl lol. She hates dresses, princesses, barbies, and baby dolls (most of the time). She loves Captain America, superheros, ninjas, zombies, pirates, swords, guns, and the color pink. She is tougher than tough. She is my daredevil who will usually try anything. She is a spitfire and is my child who loves "potty talk." She thinks the word poop is HILARIOUS.

It used to bother  me a little that Ellie wasn't as girlie as I had expected, but it doesn't bother me anymore. I'd still love to dress her in pretty dresses but I get such a kick out of seeing what she comes up with. She's so much fun. There"s never a dull moment around here.

Life isnt what I expected but I couldn't imagine it any other way.

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