Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Way Back Wednesday

Way Back Wednesday: About to Pop

Dateline: April 2008 Ben's Age: 2 1/2 Twin's Gest age: 34 weeks This was taken at 34 weeks pregnant with the twins. At this point I measured over 5 feet AROUND. I love Ben's expression in this picture. He was so excited for the babies to be here. I was so exhausted and tired at this point. I was ready for them to be here but I also knew how much I would miss feeling them move inside. I knew it was my last pregnancy so I tried to enjoy it (as much as any 34 week-pregnant-with-twins mom can) C' along with Way Back When-esday! Click the picture below to see who else is participating.


There were actually two winners of the "Guess the Movie line" in my last post.

Lori actually answered it first but it was on Facebook. She said "I think I know the movie quote..Was it from Clue? Could be wrong but that popped into my head lol"

The first comment was from Abby who said: Argh!! How frustrating (and a little funny!). :D The quote is from CLUE!! Love that movie. One of the best parts? "Let us out, let us out!" "Let us in, let us in!"

Since you were both right I'm gonna send you both something :) I'm not going to be able to send them out until Friday when I can get to the post office alone. lol I will post pictures of the prizes next week after they get them.

I may be doing another giveaway in the near future.


Abby said...

Yippee!!! I don't know if I've ever won something before. :) Fun.

I am still amazed, three years later, at how big you were! At how big twin mama bellies get! Aren't you? You're right, Ben's expression is precious. So sweet.

Muse Mama said...

I knew that I knew that quote, but just couldn't place it. Of course, Clue!

Love that pic. Awesome!