Saturday, April 09, 2011


We have one spot in our house that seems to be cursed. I thought at first it was the rug but it seems I am wrong. (these are actually old pictures but you get the hint.)
Here is the spot in question:
Originally we thought a rug would look nice here. So we went to Target to purchase a nice rug. (actually two, one for the other room as well but you will meet that rug later in this story. He is an intrical part. Why I consider the rug a he I'm not really sure but we'll just go with it for the sake of continuing...) Lovely rug. Great colors. Its actually a little brighter than it looks in this picture. The colors are deep but not this dark.

We have this rug for awhile with no incidents. Then Will gets sick and barfs on it. So the rug gets taken out to be washed. And since we are really on top of things and don't like to procrastinate, the rug sits in the garage for approximately 3 months. Then I accepted an offer to have a demonstration on a Kirby vacuum cleaner.
(Mind you I knew I wasn't going to buy a $2500 vacuum cleaner - even if they could discount it to $1300 because seriously who has that much for a vacuum cleaner? I will say I am impressed with that vacuum and if I ever have that amount of money to blow on a vacuum you know which one I'd be buying. But back to my story which has already way longer than it needs to be.)
So the nice gentleman comes in an cleans both rugs for free! Woohoo!!! I can finally get my rug back in place. So rug gets moved back in and everything looks great again. Then the babies (who aren't babies anymore. They turn 3! can you believe it 3?! in 11 days!!!) get sick. Very sick. Will was first and almost immediately threw up on the rug. So the rug gets moved back to its spot in the garage until the time comes that we can wash it. (mind you this was January that they got sick.)

So last week we are going to have people over and I am cleaning the house. I decide we need a rug back in the family room because it will make it look cozier and that's where everyone hangs out anyway. So I move rug B  (remember him? Here's a pic of him. Isn't he nice looking. Beautiful cream color. Again lighter in real life than it shows in the picture) from the living room into the family room.

That very night, Molly (our new dog) barfs on the rug.

Well, to make a long story short...
Too Late!
{oooh, what movie is that from?! First person to guess correctly will win some sort of prize.)

Rug B is now sitting next to Rug A in the garage for a yet undetermined time. 


Abby said...

Argh!! How frustrating (and a little funny!). :D The quote is from CLUE!! Love that movie. One of the best parts? "Let us out, let us out!" "Let us in, let us in!"

Tarena said...

Abby beat me to it, but I was thinking it before I read her comment.

Muse Mama said...

Yup, totally cursed. Sorry!