Friday, April 08, 2011


Ben had a rough day yesterday he got put in time out in his room twice. The first time I found this note coming out from under his door. I love his spelling. Let me translate for you "No Mom Allowed" I have to admit I giggled when I saw it. It was so adorable. (I didn't let him see me giggle.)
Later he got put in time out again in his room and this time the note was even harsher. Translation - "No Mom Ever Allowed"
I love that he is using his writing skills. I know he doesn't mean it and in fact it just makes me smile. (It probably shouldn't though. I probably should feel some twinge of pain over the rejection but I don't because I know in 5 minutes he will love me again and I will be allowed in back in his room)
Oh how I love my growing boy.  


Muse Mama said...

Reagan tried to keep girls out of his secret clubhouse once. He wrote: No girls allowed. Except my mom, and my sisters, and my friends who are girls!

It's so hard to be a girl hater sometimes. I totally keep notes like that because they make me giggle.

the Chandler chronicles said...

LOL! priceless!