Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ben and the Dentist

The other day I was looking into Ben's mouth and noticed that he had cracked a molar at some point. WTF?! When did that happen? I asked him about it and he said he had no idea when it broke but it did scratch his tongue every now and then. He said it didn't hurt.(But then a day or two later he started complaining that his teeth hurt.)We agreed that a dentist appointment was in order. So we were able to get him in on Tuesday the 3rd at noon. 

This isn't the first time he's been to the dentist. He had to go before Kindergarten just to get a checkup. This is the first time he's had to have any actual work done. They did the xrays. (which made him gag. But he kept trying!!) Then they brought him back to the room and the dentist looked at his tooth. He said he did need a filing and he could fit us in later that day. Daddy had some work that needed to be done as well so he would be taking Ben.

They get back to the dentist and Jim sits in the room with him until the dentist is ready. They said a lot of the time it's easier if Mom or Dad isn't in the room because then the child can focus solely on the dentist. They got  Ben taken care  of and all he wanted to do was cuddle with Daddy. Just wanted to be held. Jim got to cuddle him for a few minutes but then had to go get his work done so Ben stayed in the game room by himself. (Our dentist's office is AWESOME! It has a free arcade room for the kids. There are 6 arcade games that don't need any coins and the kids can just play in there.) But Ben didn't really want to be in there he wanted to be with his daddy. Jim was having 2 teeth extracted so he was in his room for a quite a awhile. Ben kept coming in to check on his dad. The dentist would say "Hi Ben!! Daddy's doing great. He'll be done in a few." and Ben would go back to the game room.

After they were done Ben got a little toy and they came home. Ben was Very cuddly and just wanted to lay in his bed. After about an hour he seemed to be better. Although the next day we noticed his cheek was still swollen. Turns out he must have been chewing on his cheek when he was nervous. Now, 4 days later he's still swollen and now we're pretty sure that the inside of his cheek is infected. I called the dentist today and left a message. Hopefully he will call back soon and let us know what to do for it. Poor little guy.

And now Ellie is obsessed with going to the dentist. She keeps telling me she needs to go. I think I'm going to schedule her for  her first appointment to see what the dentist is all about. He's a really great dentist so we will see how she does lol. 

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