Thursday, June 02, 2011

More than Dryer lint

Things I have recently found in my dryer:

  • GoGo's
  • rocks
  • Chap stick (unfortunately on more than one occasion)
  • a SD memory card
  • a couple of Squinkies
  • rocks
  • a box cutter
  • coins (on the rare occasion)
  • dollars (on the even *rarer occasion) 
  • rocks
  • keys
  • a ball point pen
  • a small notepad
  • more rocks
  • an orange crayon. Or at least what was left of one.
Apparently I need to go through pockets more often.


Janell said...

When I saw GoGo's I immediately thought of "We Got the Beat". LOL.

Tarena said...

Obviously you have lots of rocks in your dryer because you listed it twice. Once I had a roll of toilet paper fall in my washing machine (because I used to keep it on the shelf above it) and didn't catch it until it had gone through the dryer. Talk about a mess. We've had basically all that. I don't mind when it's money though.