Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

I had such a nice Mother's Day. I spent the day with my family at my mom and dad's house. My cousin and his wife and their kids were there along with my aunt and uncle. It was such a nice way to spend the day. We went to church with my parents in the morning and then went back to their house for a barbeque.

Hubby gave me my present the night before because he knew we would be gone all day. I got a Smash book!!! If you don't know what one is, they are awesome! They are like scrabooks and journals "smashed" together lol Smash Book. I saw them awhile ago at JoAnn's and have been wanting one ever since. I saw them again at Target (for cheaper than JoAnn's) I love it so much!! I've been having so much fun with mine. Hubby got me a regular sized one and a mini one. I've already got the regular sized one 75% filled lol.

This is my book (as you can see I'm already filling it in)

 The pen! One side is a pen and one side is a glue stick!!! How awesome is that!

 Smash Pads. These are little pads of paper with ideas on certain themes.

Examples of some of the pads.
 Pockets you can buy to glue in the book to keep stuff you don't want to put glue on
 another page from my book
 Tabs and clips
 The pages are all pretty and some have ideas on them as well. Some of the ideas I use some I cover up with other stuff. LOL

I love these books so much and I already know I'm gonna have to buy another one soon.  I really do have the best hubby in the whole world. I am so grateful to be his wife and to be the mother to his children. I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

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Stinky McFuddlenuts said...

I think you should blog more, cause it helps me to know whats on your mind. I like to read what you have to say...